Dr. Gail Colbern

Dr. Colbern works at the Bear Creek Animal Clinic as a relief Veterinarian. She is often with our clients providing top notch medical treatment.

Dr. Colbern received her DVM degree from UC Davis in 1982. She completed an internship in Large Animal Medicine and Surgery at University of Georgia, Athens and a residency and Master’s program in Equine Reproduction at Colorado State University, Ft. Collins. She completed Board Certification in Theriogenology (Animal Reproduction) in 1988 and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Reproductive Immunology at the University of California, San Francisco in 1992. 

During her residency and fellowship, Dr. Colbern completed extensive research on management of the transitional mare, equine endometritis, reproductive immunology and equine reproductive surgery techniques. 

Upon completion of her residency, Dr. Colbern entered general equine practice in the Bay Area of Northern California. After four years of general practice, Dr. Colbern returned to research pursuits in Reproductive Immunology and, later, Cancer Immunology. She was involved in the development of four major therapeutics currently being used to treat cancer in human patients. 

After retirement from research, Dr. Colbern returned to her roots of veterinary medicine and equine reproduction. She established a general veterinary practice in the GreenSprings area outside Ashland, Oregon. The GreenSprings Veterinary Service supplies general veterinary care to all animals in the GreenSprings and Lincoln, Oregon area. Dr. Colbern also provides equine reproduction specialty services to the entire Rogue Valley. 

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