Dec 23 2015

Happy Kwanhanmas

Happysnowy mountain Holidays to you and yours.
Christmas, Hannukah, Kwaanza
Celebrations of life and laughter
Memories of days gone by
Hope and anticipation
Of the days yet to come

piggy with ornamentsMerry Christmas
Santa and his sleigh
A babe in a manger
Faith and family
Pine trees, lights, and a star on top
Presents beneath and love all around

HanukkahSymbolHappy Hanukkah
Light the menorah
Family blessings and prayers
Dreidel games and latkes
Eight nights and oil
Faith, belief and history

Family lighting candles celebrating KwanzaaHappy Kwanzaa
Tradition and reason
Community and family
Music and dancing and feasting
Unity, responsibility, purpose
I Am Because We Are

Happy Holidays to you and yours

bearcreekac | Musings and Reflections

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